Moksh Group

वह हाथ सदा पवित्र होते हैं 

     जो प्रार्थना से ज्यादा

    सेवा के लिए उठते हैं।


Moksh blog is your go-to source for wisdom and inspiration as you pursue your best life--from the heart out. Through our incomparably accurate horoscopes, wide-ranging tarot readings, and five Inspiration channels--Spirit, Style, Success, Sun and Sex--we deliver addictively empowering advice about your well-being, lifestyle, relationship, career, finances, dreams, and almost every area of your life. No matter what part of your past, present, or future you want to love more, we're here for you.


Moksh Library is a single window solution for all your pooja samagri needs. We help you enrich the roots of your ancestral traditions by bringing you hand-picked Moksh Library, idols, temples, vastu, feng shui items, and accessories.

Shri Sidh Hanuman Mandir, Shankar Road, New Rajendra Nagar, Near Fire Station, New Delhi 110060 Delhi