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A  Astrologer, Mayank from , resides in Delhi. A renowned name, he is globally famous. The famed Astrologer is known for his tremendous intuitive powers and gives accurate predictions. According to his predictions are aligned with God. He feels it is fifty percent intuition and fifty percent wisdom that helps make accurate predictions. The celebrity Astrologer has immense expertise in Astrology, Palmistry, Numerology, Vaastu Shastra, and Feng Shui. He gives accurate predictions on subjects related to Vedic Astrology, including horoscope matching, marriage, love, progeny, childbirth, longevity, education, career, horary, finance, and Karma based on accurate date, time and place of birth. His remedies are simple, practical, and very effective. He goes by Pooja and Vedic Mantras, and remedial measures always accompany his astrological consultations. He resides in Delhi.


According to ancient sages and the Vedas, when an individual acts in harmony with the environment, it responds in a positive manner and helps the individual to accomplish his/her work successfully. Hindu Day Panchang plays a vital role in establishing this harmony and by using it one may gain astrological insights into the Tithi, yogas and auspicious- inauspicious timings. They may know the appropriate time based on the astral configuration and make the most of their time and work.

Astrologers suggest people to view their Day Panchang daily and follow it to begin any new work or perform auspicious events such as marriage ceremonies, civic affairs, important events, inaugurals, new business ventures etc.


Now alternative healing will reduce your daily health problems. Physical ailments are common these days. Most people complaint about their several common illnesses like headache, indigestion, joint pain, fatigue or etc. So we may say alternative healing can become indispensable for human beings at such circumstances. We have described here in detail about alternative healing such as Ayurveda, Crystal therapy, Yoga, Meditation, Aromatherapy, Reiki, Acupressure and so on.

Vedic Astrology

Looking for answers to your most pressing questions? No matter what the situation is or how problematic things are, find solutions for all your life problems with our Vedic online astrology predictions. Ask to astrologer your questions, problems or concerns and get instant astrological guidance from the experienced astrologers. From marriage astrology to Career astrology to Finance astrology, our expert Vedic astrologers offer intuitive solutions for everything, based on your birth chart analysis.


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